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Our Application Modernization Expertise

Our MuleSoft Expertise

Deep expertise with MuleSoft products, including Cloudhub, 2 - Universal APIM, RTF, Connectors, RAML and API Design and more...

Why Aurotek

Legacy to Modernization : Our Four-Step Development Process

Decode the complexities of application modernization with Aurotek: from evaluation to seamless transformation, setting the standard for future-ready solutions.

Assessment & Strategy

Assessing and tailoring strategies after understanding your application landscape

Cloud, Containerization, and Microservices

Utilizing cloud integration, containerization, and microservices for scalability, flexibility, and agility

Legacy to Modern transition

Transitioning legacy systems to contemporary platforms, ensuring minimal disruptions and a smooth transition.

DevOps Integration

Seamlessly integrating collaboration and reducing time-to-market with DevOps, readying applications for future demands.

Unlocking MuleSoft's Potential : Aurotek's Pillars of Integration Excellence

API-led connectivity is a systematic approach that leverages reusable and valuable APIs within an organization's ecosystem to facilitate data integration with applications. This method can effectively bridge the digital transformation gap in IT. With API-led connectivity, organizations can reuse APIs when initiating new projects, instead of starting from scratch. This practice helps close the delivery gap in IT's digital transition.

Fast-track MuleSoft with our proven accelerators

Jumpstart your MuleSoft journey with Aurotek's pre-built accelerators that ensure rapid go-to-market and proven failsafes

SAP PI/PO Mappings

SAP PI/PO Mappings

RTF Terraform Scripts

RTF Terraform Scripts

CI/CD GitHub Actions RTF

CI/CD GitHub Actions RTF

Fluent-D Terraform Scripts

Fluent-D Terraform Scripts

Retry Template using Azure Service Bus

Retry Template using Azure Service Bus

End-to-End Application Modernization Services

Offering comprehensive solutions that encompass assessment, migration, integration, and optimization for your modernization needs

Application Assessment & Strategy

We conduct comprehensive analysis, crafting a tailored modernization roadmap and ROI-driven strategy.

Legacy System Migration

We seamlessly migrate legacy systems, minimizing disruptions while optimizing performance and integration.

Cloud Integration

We expertly integrate cloud services, enhancing scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness while maintaining top-tier security.

Containerization & Microservices

Leveraging containerization and microservices, we boost agility and innovation in application modernization.

DevOps Implementation

We streamline your development processes with DevOps, fostering collaboration and accelerating time-to-market.

Cutting-Edge Technologies for Digital Transformation

Discover the technologies that power Aurotek's Application Modernization services:

Cloud Platforms

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

Monitoring and Analytics

Prometheus, Grafana


Docker, Kubernetes

Database Solutions

MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Security Protocols

OAuth, JWT

DevOps and Automation

Jenkins, Git, Docker, Kubernetes

Microservices Frameworks

Spring Boot, Node.js

Collaboration Tools

Slack, JIRA

Proven Expertise

Discover Success Stories with our Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common queries about our Application Modernization Services

Application Modernization is the process of updating and optimizing existing software applications to meet current business needs. It's essential for staying competitive, improving efficiency, and enhancing user experiences.

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