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Our Technical Expertise

Why Aurotek

Transforming Ideas into Apps: Our Four-Step Development Process

From Initial Concept to App Store Launch - Navigating the Comprehensive Journey of Seamless Mobile App Development with Expertise and Precision.

Discovery & Planning

Navigating your digital journey with results driven strategies

Security & Compliance

Shielding your operations with robust, state-of-the-art security and compliance measures

Design & Development

Accelerating your future with innovative, reliable software solutions

Deployment & Support

From implementation support to in-the-moment troubleshooting, we’re here to back your business.

Comprehensive Mobile App Development Solutions

Tailored Native, Hybrid, and Progressive Apps for Seamless Performance and Exceptional User Experiences

Native Mobile App Development

At Aurotek, native mobile app development is a meticulous process that revolves around creating applications tailored specifically for a particular platform or operating system.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

We skillfully combine the advantages of both native and web technologies. Using frameworks like React Native and Flutter, we create versatile applications that operate seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Progressive Web App Development

Our adept developers leverage modern web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to design progressive web apps that offer a seamless and responsive user experience across various devices and browsers.

Accelerate your Mobile App Development Journey

We help companies achieve Excellence in Native and Cross-Platform Solutions through our Expert Techniques and Cloud-Native Deployment.

Programming Languages

Java (Android), Swift (iOS)

Backend Development

Node.js, ElasticDB, Firebase etc.

Development Frameworks

Android Studio (Android), Xcode (iOS)

Version Control & App Testing

Git, GitHub, Bitbucket & Appium, XCUITest

Cross-Platform Frameworks

React Native, Flutter

Cloud Services

AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure

APIs and SDKs

Google Play Services, Apple HealthKit, Google Maps API etc.


Jenkins, CircleCI

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