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Our Technical Expertise

Our MuleSoft Expertise

Deep expertise with MuleSoft products, including Cloudhub, 2 - Universal APIM, RTF, Connectors, RAML and API Design and more...

Why Aurotek

Software Engineering to Continuous Optimization : Our Four-Step Process

Navigating the realm of Digital Product Engineering is a strategic journey where we engineer your business capabilities needs into composable digital products with scalable architectures, seamless integration, efficient deployment and sustenance.

Discovery & Assessment

Comprehensively understanding business models and processes, existing systems and data, identifying digital product development opportunities for profitable business growth and enhancing experience.


Ensuring that users are trained on the new applications, systems are deployed on optimal infrastructure, allowing for rapid user adoption with optimal life cycle costs,.

Design & Development

Designing digital applications with MACH architecture paradigm, developing composable applications, verifying and validating the applications for functionality, high availability and scalability.

Continuous Monitoring & Optimization

Continuously monitoring and optimizing applications, processes, services, and, APIs to enhance business value and systems performance.

Unlocking MuleSoft's Potential : Aurotek's Pillars of Integration Excellence

API-led connectivity is a systematic approach that leverages reusable and valuable APIs within an organization's ecosystem to facilitate data integration with applications. This method can effectively bridge the digital transformation gap in IT. With API-led connectivity, organizations can reuse APIs when initiating new projects, instead of starting from scratch. This practice helps close the delivery gap in IT's digital transition.

Fast-track MuleSoft with our proven accelerators

Jumpstart your MuleSoft journey with Aurotek's pre-built accelerators that ensure rapid go-to-market and proven failsafes

SAP PI/PO Mappings

RTF Terraform Scripts

CI/CD GitHub Actions RTF

Fluent-D Terraform Scripts

Retry Template using Azure Service Bus

Our Digital Engineering Services

Building Cloud Native Applications that enhance the value of Business Ecosystems with our expert services

Cloud & DevOps Engineering

Embracing Continuous Integration and Automation we enable your Cloud based Business Innovation. We bring ideas to life with comprehensive Cloud and DevOps Solutions:

Product Engineering

With a Product Thinking mindset we engineer business applications with composable thinking, architecture and technologies. We offer:

Digital Integratoin

At AuroTek, we excel in Digital Integration of applications landscape in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, ensuring that all your applications and systems work together seamlessly. Our services include:

Harnessing leading technologies for Digital Engineering

Empowering seamless connections through the adoption of state-of-the-art tools and technologies

Integration Platforms

MuleSoft, Dell Boomi, Apache Camel

Legacy Integration

IBM Integration Bus, Oracle Integration, SAP Process Integration (PI/PO)

API Management

Apigee, IBM API Connect, AWS API Gateway

Monitoring & Analytics

Splunk, ELK Stack, Prometheus

Data Integration

Talend, Apache NiFi, Informatica

DevOps and Automation

Jenkins, Git, Docker, Kubernetes

Cloud Integration

Azure Integration Services, AWS App Integration, Google Cloud

Security and Compliance


Proven Expertise

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common queries about our Digital Engineering Services

Integration & API Management involves connecting and managing systems and applications to ensure seamless data exchange and automation, a critical need for modern businesses.

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