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Our Technical Expertise

Why Aurotek

Efficient Four-Step Journey to Modernized Operations

From Infrastructure planning to flawless execution - Leading you through the entire range of Cloud & DevOps Solutions with precision and expertise.

Assessment & Planning

Planning cloud adoption and DevOps integration

Testing & Optimization

Ensuring performance, security, and cost efficiency

Implementation & Automation

Deploying cloud resources and automating DevOps workflows

Maintenance & Improvement

Ongoing updates, scaling, and process enhancements

Comprehensive Cloud & DevOps Solutions

Enhancing Efficiency and Performance with Kubernetes Consulting, Digital Assembly Lines, and DevOps Innovations

Kubernetes Consulting

At Aurotek, our Kubernetes Consulting services offer a professional, strategic approach to implementing and managing Kubernetes for containerized applications.

DevOps Consulting

Our DevOps consultants collaborate with your teams, designing custom strategies to merge development and operations, fostering continuous collaboration and improved communication.

Digital Assembly Lines

We excel in providing revolutionary Digital Assembly Line services, transforming how businesses handle software delivery, automating processes for faster, reliable results.

Accelerate your Cloud & DevOps Journey

We empower companies to excel in Cloud & DevOps Engineering, leveraging Innovative Strategies and Agile Development.


Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon ECS

Configuration Management

Ansible, Puppet, Chef

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager


Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Apache Mesos

Version Control

Git, GitHub, BitBucket

Monitoring & Logging

Prometheus, ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), Grafana

Continuous Integration (CI)

Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis CI

Continuous Deployment (CD)

Spinnaker, Argo CD, GitOps

Our Technical Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common queries about our Cloud & DevOps Engineering Services

Cloud & DevOps Services offer numerous advantages, including cost-efficiency through pay-as-you-go models, scalability to accommodate growth, increased agility for adapting to market changes, and enhanced software delivery with faster and more reliable releases.

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