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Our Kubernetes Expertise

Our MuleSoft Expertise

Deep expertise with MuleSoft products, including Cloudhub, 2 - Universal APIM, RTF, Connectors, RAML and API Design and more...

Why Aurotek

Blueprint for your success : Our Approach to Kubernetes Consulting

From Integration Strategy to Continuous improvement - Guiding you through the Full Spectrum of Kubernetes Consulting Services with Unmatched Expertise and Precision.


A strategic roadmap for maximizing Kubernetes's power


Expert execution, minimal downtime, and a reliable Kubernetes environment


A tailored Kubernetes strategy that integrates seamlessly with your goals

Continuous Improvement

Ongoing support, monitoring, and the agility to adapt to emerging technologies

Unlocking MuleSoft's Potential : Aurotek's Pillars of Integration Excellence

API-led connectivity is a systematic approach that leverages reusable and valuable APIs within an organization's ecosystem to facilitate data integration with applications. This method can effectively bridge the digital transformation gap in IT. With API-led connectivity, organizations can reuse APIs when initiating new projects, instead of starting from scratch. This practice helps close the delivery gap in IT's digital transition.

Fast-track MuleSoft with our proven accelerators

Jumpstart your MuleSoft journey with Aurotek's pre-built accelerators that ensure rapid go-to-market and proven failsafes

SAP PI/PO Mappings

SAP PI/PO Mappings

RTF Terraform Scripts

RTF Terraform Scripts

CI/CD GitHub Actions RTF

CI/CD GitHub Actions RTF

Fluent-D Terraform Scripts

Fluent-D Terraform Scripts

Retry Template using Azure Service Bus

Retry Template using Azure Service Bus

Comprehensive Kubernetes Solutions

Embark on a journey of customized services, from strategy to ongoing support, for optimal efficiency and scalability

Kubernetes Strategy Development

At Aurotek, we elevate your Kubernetes strategy with our technical prowess. We craft customized Kubernetes strategies, ensuring alignment with your business objectives. Our expertise encompasses:

Cluster Design & Optimization

Experience peak Kubernetes cluster performance with our technical expertise. We engineer bespoke cluster architectures, considering node configurations, master-worker setup, and advanced load-balancing. Key components include

Kubernetes Implementation & Deployment

At Aurotek, we specialize in seamless Kubernetes migration and deployment backed by technical prowess. We ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime, expert execution using rolling updates, canary deployments, and Helm charts, along with post-implementation support through Prometheus monitoring and alerting. Key aspects include:

Continuous Monitoring & Support

Stay ahead technically with 24/7 monitoring and in-depth team training. Our real-time monitoring facilitates immediate issue resolution through Grafana dashboards and advanced Kubernetes logging. We empower your team with Kubernetes knowledge through technical training sessions, including:

Security & Compliance Solutions

Secure your Kubernetes environment technically with Aurotek. We implement robust security and compliance solutions through role-based access control (RBAC), network policies, and pod security policies (PSPs). Ensure technical compliance with industry standards and security best practices, including:

Accelerate your Kubernetes Integration Journey

We assist businesses in achieving a trouble free Kubernetes implementation that ensures business continuity.

Container Orchestration

Kubernetes, Docker

Storage Solutions

Ceph, Rook

Monitoring & Insights

Prometheus, Grafana

Cloud Integration


Automation & CI/CD

Jenkins, GitLab CI

Deployment & Management

Helm, Kustomize

Networking & Security

Istio, Network Policies

Scaling & Load Balancing

Nginx Ingress, Haproxy

Proven Expertise

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common queries about our Kubernetes Consulting Services

Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform that enhances scalability, resource optimization, and automation in application deployment, benefiting your business by ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations.

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