EdifactMuleSoftOraclePartner ManagerX12

Provided Partner manager solution to achieve greater operational efficiency in B2B transactions, inbound and outbound messaging with trading partners for an American based leading appliances and accessories manufacturer company

Project Highlights

Aurotek helped the customer build the MuleSoft Partner Manager solution for clients B2B across the globe.






Customer has the following challenges with the existing EDI Platform

  • High TCO for existing SPS Integration Platform
  • Longer time to market
  • Lack of transparency due to multiple third parties involved


  • POC for onboarding trading partners. Set up, manage, and monitor business message flows between client systems and partner’s system. E2E tracking and reporting to achieve greater operational efficiency in B2B transactions.
  • This solution will accelerate the end-end business transactions thus saving effort.
  • Facilitated with low-code B2B solution that accelerates partner on-boarding and operational management of APIs.