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Our MuleSoft Expertise

Deep expertise with MuleSoft products, including Cloudhub, 2 - Universal APIM, RTF, Connectors, RAML and API Design and more...

Why Aurotek

Concept to Integration : Our Four-Step MuleSoft Development Process

From Integration Strategy to Successful Deployment - Guiding you through the Full Spectrum of MuleSoft Development and Consulting Services with Unmatched Expertise and Precision.

Discovery & Planning

Guiding your digital journey with API-led architecture and results-driven strategies

C4E Approach

Powering API asset reuse and development excellence for maximum IT project impact

Design & Development

Revving up your future with innovation driven on the Anypoint platform

Composable Enterprise

Enabling rapid innovation and dynamic adaptation for changing business needs

Unlocking MuleSoft's Potential : Aurotek's Pillars of Integration Excellence

API-led connectivity is a systematic approach that leverages reusable and valuable APIs within an organization's ecosystem to facilitate data integration with applications. This method can effectively bridge the digital transformation gap in IT. With API-led connectivity, organizations can reuse APIs when initiating new projects, instead of starting from scratch. This practice helps close the delivery gap in IT's digital transition.

MuleSoft Integration Expertise

Fast-track MuleSoft with our proven accelerators

Jumpstart your MuleSoft journey with Aurotek's pre-built accelerators that ensure rapid go-to-market and proven failsafes

SAP PI/PO Mappings

SAP PI/PO Mappings

RTF Terraform Scripts

RTF Terraform Scripts

CI/CD GitHub Actions RTF

CI/CD GitHub Actions RTF

Fluent-D Terraform Scripts

Fluent-D Terraform Scripts

Retry Template using Azure Service Bus

Retry Template using Azure Service Bus

End-to-End Mulesoft Development & Consulting Services

Delivering cutting-edge features through tailored System Integration, Managed Services, and Connector Development

System Integration

We excel in creating cohesive technology landscapes that seamlessly integrate diverse IT systems and software applications.

Managed Services

We evaluate your unique needs, tailoring Managed Services to align with your goals. Our comprehensive IT management includes monitoring, issue resolution, and security to minimize disruptions.

Connector Development

With our team of seasoned developers, we specialize in designing connectors that enable effortless data and functionality flow, enhancing system interoperability.

Accelerate your MuleSoft Integration Journey

We assist businesses in achieving excellence in MuleSoft integrations with our expert methodologies and cloud-native deployment.

MuleSoft Platform Essentials

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, Anypoint Studio, Mule ESB, API Manager

Monitoring and Analytics

Anypoint Monitoring, Anypoint Visualizer, Anypoint Analytics

Integration and Data Transformation

DataWeave, RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language), Anypoint Connectors

Data Integration and Connectivity

JDBC Connector, Salesforce Connector, SAP Connector, AWS S3 Connector

Cloud Integration and Deployment

CloudHub, Runtime Fabric

DevOps and Automation

Jenkins, Git, Docker, Kubernetes

API Design and Management

MuleSoft API Designer, API Gateway, OAuth 2.0

Security and Compliance

TLS/SSL, OAuth 2.0, SAML, Compliance Frameworks (e.g., HIPAA, GDPR)

Proven Expertise

Discover Success Stories with our Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common queries about our MuleSoft Development & Consulting Services

MuleSoft is an integration platform that connects applications, data, and devices, enabling seamless communication between them. It benefits your business by streamlining data integration, improving API management, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. It helps you unlock valuable insights from your data, accelerates digital transformation, and enhances customer experiences.

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